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St. Peter Lutheran Church
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Prayer Board 

In Grief:                                                                                                             

May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Prayer List                                           



For Prayer requests to start the Prayer Chain, call Daniel Drozd 361-79802134 or Susan Brandenberger 361-772-4942. Each member is asked to call the next person listed on the Chain immediately. If no answer, leave word on the answering machine and call the next person on the list, then later call the missed person or persons.

If you know someone who needs prayer, ask permission from that person before entering their name on the Prayer Chain. Keep a list of people who request prayers and continue praying for those with chronic conditions. If someone requests prayers of prayer chain members only, do not request the name to be listed in the church bulletin or Newsletter. The last person listed on the Prayer Chain is asked to call the first person so that it can be determined that the Chain has been completed.

                                PRAYER CHAIN GROUP 1                     PRAYER CHAIN GROUP 2
Susan Brandenberger          361-772-4942
Daniel Drozd               361-798-2134 Molly Bonzer                        361-772-6636
Lucille Drozd           (H) 361-798-3338  (W) 361-798-5155
Dorothy Ehler              361-798-2376 Barbara Grindeland             361-798-6226
Barbara Koehn            361-798-4674 Carolyn Kiesewetter             361-772-8820
Joyce Koerth               361-798-2275 Marilyn McAda                      361-798-0854
Charlotte Murphy        361-798-4411 Irene Mikulenka                   361-798-2887
Tina Russ                    361-772-1264 Ruth Muehr                           361-798-3091

Darlene Stacy              361-798-3685

Carrie Besetsny           361-772-7113

Karen Renger                       361-772-4342



Holy Commnion Worship:
Saturday: 5:00pm

Sunday:    9:00am

Coffee & Learning: 10:00 am
Christian Education for all ages 10:30 AM

Tuesday Prayer: 7:00 pm

Radio Broadcast
Sunday 9:00 am

94.3 FM or 99.9 FM

St. Peter Lutheran Church
100 N Promenade St | Hallettsville, TX 77964 | PH: (361)798-2808