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St. Peter Lutheran Church
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Serving this weekend @ St. Peter

Sunday AM- Assisting: Darlene Stacy
Communion Set Up: Patsy Klekar
Communion Clean Up: Barbara Grindeland
Organist: Carol Drozd
Ushers: Tommy Brandenberger, Dickie Garmon, Carl Tieken, Jerome Kanak,
Warren Grindeland
Acolytes: Kadence Furnace & Emilie Hotz
Power Point Sunday: Judy Garmon
Altar Flowers given by: Lucas DeForest Family in celebration of Lucas’ Baptismal Birthday
Radio Ministry given by: John & Martha Bludau in celebration of Martha’s Birthday
Sunday PM Assisting: Lana Leopold
Communion Clean-Up: Judy Winfield
Organist: Janis Muehr
Usher: ?

St. Peter Lutheran Church
100 N Promenade St | Hallettsville, TX 77964 | (361) 798-2808