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Covid19 ProceduresContinuing May 31, 2020 & following

Worship Procedures
to Re-launch In-person Worship

Worship times: Sundays 9:00 AM & 5:00 PM

80% seating capacity

No one is required to attend if they don’t feel comfortable being in public yet. Please stay home if you have an underlying condition, aren’t comfortable with public gatherings yet, or don’t feel well that day/have any “flu-like” symptoms.

Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask. 

Single use disposable bulletins will be available. Order of worship projected on large screen.

Enter and exit only through the fellowship hall doors: C01 (glass), C04 (kitchen), C05 (elevator double doors). Other doors will remain closed and locked. 

Everyone to sanitize hands at hand sanitizing station before going up stairs or entering the elevator. Please wash hands upon entering building. 

Passing of the Peace suspended. Offering and connection cards will be deposited at one of two stations. 

Communion will be administered while standing at the kneeling rail, one row at a time. The assisting minister will hand you an individual cup of wine. You will deposit your empty cup in the basket at the corner of the rail. All worship leaders will wash their hands and sanitize them before worship.  All communion ware will be washed with soap and water after worship and dried. 

Dismissal from service will be orderly to preserve social distances. 

Benches will be wiped down with disinfectant after each service. Volunteers are requested to help with this each week.

Wise words about our prayers, together and separated...
"The salutaion and response "The Lord be with you. And also with you." is traditionally not said when one prays the office alone but is replaced with "Lord hear my prayer. And let my cry come before you." But, as Peter Damian, reflecting Pauline doctrine, taught, if we who are many are one in Christ, each of us possess the whole. Indeed, the various members of the church of Christ being so united as to form a single body, the entire church may be regarded as mystically present in each individual. It is a useful reminder that no one, not even a hermit, prays alone" (xxvi).
The Daily Prayer of the Church, edited by Philip Pfatteicher, Lutheran University Press, 2005.

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